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Who are The 1st Company Veterans?

We are a group of table top wargamers who play Games Workshop's range of games on a Wednesday night at Games Workshop's Warhammer World.

Welcome to the 1st Company Veterans' website. On these pages, you will find everything you need, whether you are a club member or a potential one just having a look !!

About the Club

We meet every Wednesday night at Warhammer World, to play GW games such as 40k, WFB, LOTR and the various Specialist Games.

Club members play other non GW games at convenient locations, using the site forum to organise games.

Check out the 'Club' page for more info...

About this Website

This site contains everything a club member will need. We hope...

Arrange a game

If you are bringing either 40k or Warhammer Fantasy Battle then you are guaranteed to get a game against an opponent somewhere in the room. If you want to play any of the other games systems then the best place to arrange this is on our forum.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing...membership of the 1st Company Veterans is completly free of charge.

Who is in charge?

You will be, as long as you keep coming regularly you will be entitled to a say in how the club is run. There is a committee that is voted in by the members and they are responsible for doing all the rubbish jobs so that you can play games. Basically if you want to get involved in the running of the club, or just help out, you can. If you just want to play games then that's fine as well.


We are responsible for organizing and running a number of open tournaments through out the year. You could represent 1st Company Veternas at one of these or you could get involved in the running of the Tournament with other members.