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1st Company Verterans - Home

Welcome to the 1st Company Veterans' website.

We used to be a table top wargamming gaming club with 100+ members playing Warhammer and Warhammer 40k every Thurday at Games Workshop head quaters, Warhammer World.

Then as nights, times, locations have changes and the committee have picked up more responsibilties (kids), numbers of player and spare time has reduced to the point where the club disbanded.

We few who remain spend almost all our gaming evening time in Bugmans Bar at Warhammer World, playing Blood Bowl on Wednesday evenings.

Though nolonger officially a club, we still have a Blood Bowl League with over 1500 games played in the perpetual format... (See the link on the left)

I now direct you to the forum... please use this to contact us... Scott (ferrumvir)