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 Post subject: Starting again with High Elves
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24 2015, 13:30 

Joined: Tue Jun 23 2015, 20:53
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Having taken a few years off from all things GW I've come back to WFB with what are for me brand new Army books. I've now picked up Orcs, Wood Elves & Empire, but I've started again with my High Elves: The remit for building the Army is to try and go with what an Army would most likely have in it rather than what it could have, the only other restriction being the models available in my collection. Having agreed that we would be using 3000pts this is what I came up with:

The core of any High Elf Army is the citizen levy of Archers and Spearmen, I absolutely had to take some of these. I started with a block of 30 Spearmen with Full command, but amended this to 28 with Musician & unit standard as I decided to put my Mage and a Noble in the unit. In the past I've always gone for small companies of Archers, so just for a change I plumped to go for a bigger unit instead. 24 Archers with Full command looks really nice ranked up.

The other Core choices available are Silverhelms, Reavers and Sea Guard, what to have? Sod it! I'll take one of each thinks I, 9 Silverhelms with unit standard and a Noble, 8 Reavers with Harbinger and unit standard plus 24 Sea Guard with full command quickly swell the Armies ranks.

With Sea Guard in the Army I had to include some Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers, 2 were pulled in to cover my Rare slot.

I like the idea of the Army General being accompanied by the White Lion bodyguard, so 14 of these are added to accompany a Prince and BSB. More special choices burn up more points, as 15 Swordmasters with Noble, musician & unit standard, 6 Dragon Princes with Drakemaster & unit standard, and 2 Tiranoc chariots complete the list.

I've also decided not to go mad with loads of tooled up Characters, the Prince has the Armour of Destiny, a Lion Pelt (as he's with the White Lions) and a Great Weapon, whilst the BSB has Heavy Armour, Lion Pelt, Great Weapon and the Banner of the World Dragon (as this is the picture on the banner he is carrying so looks right). The Noble with the Silverhelms is equipped the same way as them with an Enchanted shield, luckstone and Sword of Might. The 2 remaining Nobles have Heavy Armour, 1 with Great Weapon the other with Shield & Spear. Finally I have an Archmage with Level 4 upgrade and a Dispel Scroll (I did consider making this 2 Mages but I've temporarily misplaced one of the models so I'm restricted to just one.

... and so to War!

 Post subject: Re: Starting again with High Elves
PostPosted: Sat Aug 08 2015, 12:41 

Joined: Tue Jun 23 2015, 20:53
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.. well this didn't go as planned. In both games I've played the High Elves have smashed the opponent in double-quick time, not fun and certainly not what I was looking for. ASF and martial prowess is ridiculously hard.

Back to the drawing board in terms of Army choice I suspect the Wood Elves will be just as bad that leaves the Greenskins.

After a bit of tinkering I've come up with a 3000pt Savage Orc & Goblin Wolfboy Combo to face an Infantry Heavy Empire Army:

4 x 25 Savage Orcs with Full Commands (one unit has Spears)
2 x 12 Goblin Wolf Boys with Boss, Musician & shotbows
10 Goblin Wolfboys with Shields, Spears & Full Command, accompanied by a Big Boss and a Lvl 2 Shaman
13 Savage Orc Boar Boys with shields, Spears, Boss & Standard accompanied by Warboss & BSB
13 Savage Orc Big 'Un Boar Riders with shields, Boss & standard accompanied by Big Boss & Lvl 2 Shaman

Hopefully this will do the trick

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