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 Post subject: Savage Orc List
PostPosted: Sat May 08 2010, 14:05 
Well I tried out the 1999pts Savage Orc list and it surely came as no suprise that it is what you might call not very good. It just managed to scrape a draw against Adams Brets (only by virtue of Adam being generous enough to bring a unit of Knights back onto the table close enough for my General BSB & Big Un Boars to charge in and butcher them). Although they are a laugh the frenzy is too much of an uncontrollable beast, all too often I found myself forced to pursue into situations which opened the units up for charges in the Flank or Rear. I might use the models as standard Orcs (saving a few points) and back them up with a few quirky bits & bobs.

So to the list.

Savage Orc Big Boss:
Warboar, Light Armour, Shield, Martogs Best Basha & Nibblas Itty Ring

Other Characters
Savage Orc BSB:
Warboar, Light Armour, Enchanted Shield & Sword of Might
Savage Orc Shaman:
Warboar, Magical Warpaint, Horn of Urkok, Level 2 upgrade

Core Choices
25 Savage Orc Boys:
with Shields & Full Command
25 Savage Orc Boys:
with Shields & Full Command
25 Savage Orc Boys:
with Shields, Spears & Full Command
6 Goblin Wolfboys:
with Shortbows & Musician
6 Goblin Wolfboys:
with Shortbows & Musician

Special Choices
6 Savage Orc Big Un Boarboys:
With Spear, Shield, Musician & Unit Standard with Noggs Banner of Butchery
6 Savage Orc Boarboys:
with Spear Shield, Boss & Unit Standard with War Banner
5 Savage Orc Boarboys:
with Spear, Shield & Boss


Paul :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Savage Orc List
PostPosted: Sat May 08 2010, 17:32 
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Savage Orcs do look a laugh, but a whole frenzied army is just looking for trouble. I know you love your themed armies, and it’s great to see a player that takes what he likes rather than what’s good.

Maybe this list is a little OTT though; you don’t need a savage orc shaman when a regular one is cheaper and better. And you can hide in your infantry blocks because he won’t go running off without them thanks to frenzy :mrgreen:

I think there are plenty of ways you can make the list more capable without diluting the theme. Maybe branching out with some forest goblin units (think savage forest goblins!), I think you can do a 2:1 swap with savage orcs because of the points difference. If you do take goblins you could swap your shaman to a goblin one and get the staff of sneaky stealin’ (damn annoying thing!).

Maybe drop the smaller boar unit for a couple of pump wagons or spear chukkas. You could really benefit from a little shooting to force enemy characters and fast cavalry to stay hidden.

Swapping the wolf boys for spiders boys would be good, there only a point more expensive but you do get spears and poison. Sure you lose a little movement but the spiders are such a pain to catch when they start skirting around and through terrain.

Whatever you choose to do, I don't think you can go wrong with adding a bit more variety into what is otherwise a 3 unit army list.

The man of tomorrow is judged by his battle today.
 Post subject: Re: Savage Orc List
PostPosted: Sun May 09 2010, 16:13 
Cheers for the comments Rob, I'm well aware of the frailties of Themed Armies on the gaming table, but that's a price I have to live with :P . What can I say I like to indulge in a bit of fluff sometimes :lol:

I agree having an all Savage Orc list (well barring a handful of Goblins) is pretty much asking for trouble, but I still can't resist the call of the Green :mrgreen: as every now and then the beggars behave and pull off one hell of a suprise (OK it's happened twice ;))



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