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 Post subject: Slaanesh WoC (2,000)
PostPosted: Sun May 09 2010, 18:18 
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Heres the list I used against Matt last thursday. I tried to go with a theme and wanted to try out the sorcerer lord with slaanesh magic, as I can get 5 spells this way and its more reliable and cheaper then my awesome daemon princess. Although if rumours of being able to pick spells in 8th are true I will put the princess back in and tilting delusions my way across the table :mrgreen:

I will be taking a similar list against Adam next week but i'm tempted to make a couple of changes, infernal puppet for one as that would have won me the game against Matt if I had it (slan rolled a 3 for miscast).

Sorcerer Lord - 405 points
Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, bloodcurdling Roar, Rod of Torment, Spell Familiar, Golden Eye of Tzeentch

Other Characters
Exalted Hero - 186 points
Barded Chaos Steed, Battle Standard, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might

Chaos Sorcerer - 155 points
Level 2, Infernal Puppet

Core Choices
12 Chaos Warriors - 232 points
Mark of Slaanesh, Shields, Full Command

23 Chaos Marauders - 168 points
Mark of Slaanesh, Shields, Full Command

5 Marauder Horsemen - 91 points
Mark of Slaanesh, Light Armour, Throwing Spears, Musician

5 Warhounds - 30 points

5 Warhounds - 30 points

Special Choices
5 Chaos Knights - 260 points
Mark of Slaanesh, Musician, Standard Bearer, War Banner

4 Chaos Ogres - 210 points
Mark of Slaanesh, Great Weapons, Chaos Armour

Rare Choices
Chaos Giant - 225 points

Total: 1997

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The man of tomorrow is judged by his battle today.
 Post subject: Gozu Smash Attack Now! ...It’s Super Effective!
PostPosted: Fri May 14 2010, 07:20 
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Big thanks to Adam for last night’s game, was really fun with lots of randomness. Here is a quick rundown of the major events.

WoC Turn 1: Adam’s damsel’s special chalice blows up in his face, damsel takes a wound. I miscast on the first spell of the game, my level 2 takes a wound.

Bretts Turn 1: The Trebuchet lines up a perfect guess to the middle of the marauders and self destructs.

WoC Turn 2: Ogres front charge the knights of the realm, and even when magically buffed by frenzy and wielding great weapons they fail to win combat!

Bretts Turn 2: Grail knights charge the warrior’s but the warriors hold. Ogres fail to win combat again.

WoC Turn 3: Gozu the giant flank charges the grail knights and begins his rampage of destruction. 2 knights fall to the wrath of 2 horsemen with throwing spears. The ogres finally win combat, but only because Adam has run out of knights.

Bretts Turn 3: The remaining 2 big knight blocks fail to charge the marauders who only just avoid fleeing from the table. Pegasus knights on the far flank set up a charge with their knight brothers, the chaos knights look screwed.

WoC Turn 4: Marauders fail to rally and flee the table along with the BSB. Gozu chases down the remaining grail knight flag bearer and paladin, and jumps up and down on the paladin. Ogres and warriors close the net around the knight blocks.

Bretts Turn 4: Pegasus knights run down the chaos knights thanks to their fly move.

WoC Turn 5: Ogres and warriors both charge blocks of knights. The ogres strip 3 wounds off 2 paladins but fail the combat again and are run down. The warriors are chased off by the knight’s errant into some woods.

Bretts Turn 5: The wood proves too thick for the column of knights errant and they fail to chase the warriors from the table.

WoC Turn 6: Gozu charges a unit of questing knights, picks up their wounded paladin and throws him away.

Bretts Turn 6: The knights errant charge and murder the remaining warriors. The rest of the army rushes towards Gozu who continues to smash questing knights into little bits.

WoC Turn 7: Gozu smashes more knights to bits.

Bretts Turn 7: More knights flank charge Gozu leaving him badly wounded.

WoC Turn 8: Because he ran out of questing knights to smash, Gozu smashes the damsel instead.

Bretts Turn 8: Gozu is finally defeated and falls on the big knight unit killing 2 of them.

The game ends, WoC lose by 500 points.

Gozu completely surprised me; he killed 3 heroes and almost took on the whole Brett army by himself! Had the marauders not fled the table I think the surrounding of Adam’s knight units on turns 4/5 would have gone much better. Ogres are a real let down, they did more than usual thanks to me getting the charges off, but their weapon skill of 3 just means that all their attacks are wasted.

Playing Matt’s Skaven next week. I’m going to stick with this army list and see how it goes; I’m quite enjoying the manipulations of my Slaaneshi lords magic. Matt will have at least 4 scrolls more than he has clan rats so I don’t expect to get any spells off.

The man of tomorrow is judged by his battle today.
 Post subject: Re: Slaanesh WoC (2,000)
PostPosted: Fri May 14 2010, 15:17 
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See the giant is worth it after all. But that was an army with no offensive magic and little shooting!

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